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SKU: MR11404
Manufacturer: MAXX-R
Price: $51.68

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. The flexible and economical MAXX-R Underground Direct Burial Pipe Insulation System is a revolution in underground pipe insulation for wood pellet corn or grain burning outdoor boilers and furnaces. Each piece is 8 Ft long and houses two 1 or 1-1/4 inch PEX tubing lines. Price is per 8 Ft length. There are 8 pieces which is 64 Ft. in a case. Minimum order is 3 cases/24 pieces which is 192 ft. Pex Tubing is not included. Until now dealers contractors and homeowners have had to choose between cheap poorly designed home made insulation and expensive hard to handle metric sized prefabricated pipe-in-pipe systems. MAXX R Direct Burial Underground Pipe Insulation is a system that gives you the performance you need for the price you can afford and its easy to install! Maxx R has a minimum R-Value of 12.0 to upwards of 14.0 . MAXXR Direct Burial Underground Pipe Insulation allows for less than 1/6th of one degree heat loss over 100 ft or 4/5th of one degree over 500 ft at an ambient ground temperature of 52F. Maxx-R Direct Burial Underground Pipe Insulation is a very lightweight product however the cases are too large to ship by United Parcel Service. We will contact you upon receiving your order with shipping cost. Note: The current trade name for this product is BioMass-Direct underground pipe insulation or BioMass Direct underground pipe insulation.

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